Grey Drizzle Fibers
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Yarn inspired by a love for saturated color and saturated weather


I live near Seattle, Washington and one of the things I love the most about my home is the rain. I love the smell, the sound and the way it makes everything seem clean and fresh. I love how it feels like the world is taking a quiet, little break. I love that the plants and trees seem more vibrant and alive. I love the cozy feeling of wearing a sweater or jacket in the crisp, cool air.

I also love the way it affects color. I’m always inspired when it rains. I love the swirling shades of grey in the cloud-covered sky. The clouds filter the sun and bathe everything in a soft, mysterious, blue-grey light. The clouds and water darken everything, giving colors more depth, intensity, richness and saturation. I try to capture that beauty and my love for the rain and Seattle with Grey Drizzle Fibers.